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Fall Options Mastery Offer
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Fundamentals of Options
education series

$129.95 per month after the first three months
Fall Options Mastery Offer
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Fundamentals of Options
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Fundamentals of Options
​​​​​​​Live Education Sessions
Join us for six live education sessions with our lead trader, Doug Robertson.
You will be guided through a wide range of ideas and strategies that will provide you a solid foundation for building your options trading skills. 
All Session are live at 7:00 PM EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays
​​​​​​​[Tues OCT 2nd]
Gain the fundamental understanding you need to effectively trade options.

This session covers core concepts, a behind the scenes understanding of options markets and an overview of the Greeks.
Trading Direction  
​​​​​​​[Thurs OCT 4th]
Learn the strategies for making profits from directional price movements. Understand the trade-offs of Risk, Probability & Profits.
Learn to engineer the profile of your trade for better management and profitable results.
Time and Income
​​​​​​​[Tues OCT 9th]
Explore the popular income strategies such as Iron Condors as we learn how Theta Erosion can add money to your account.

You will learn the trade variations that give you improved positions, better profits and more control.

We will teach you to spot your trading edge and to avoid trades that put you at a disadvantage.
​​​​​​​[Thurs OCT 11th]
Volatility premium accounts for nearly 66% of the value of the entire options market. We will teach you to use this powerful force to create trades that give you the edge.
Learn to use changing IV to reduce risks and make more profit.
Events and Advanced Tactics  
​​​​​​​[Tues  OCT 16th]
We will take a step beyond the basics and look at how upcoming risks in the market can drive IV up and down in very predictable ways.

Learn to use these changes as a way to make profits from the Fear, Uncertainty, and Greed in the market.
Take common strategies and modify them in advanced ways that give you more control, enhance profits and limit risks.
Portfolio Management and Q&A 
[Thurs OCT 18th]
Take your trading beyond a focus on individual trades and design a portfolio that makes you money and reduces your risks.

Markets can change rapidly. This session teaches you how to create a portfolio that protects you from the sudden shifts that can decimate unprepared traders.

These strategies balance your portfolio in a way that provides you better control and more consistent profits. It isn't just winning, you need to be able to keep the profits you make.

Answers to Common Questions:
fter teaching as many people as I have, you start to know know the questions you will get. Here are answers to the most common questions I would be getting right now.
Who am I and why should you care?
Great question. I have been professionally trading the markets for the last 20 years. During that time ran a HFT trading company, ran European Trading Operations for a hedge fund, designed and ran numerous algorythic trading systems.

My systems were trading over $500 million dollars a day and at the peak we were 15% of the daily volume of the SPY.

The most important thing is that I am good at teaching and willing to share everything I know.
Do you do weekly options?

If I had a dollar every time I got this question.

No. I almost never do the short term weekly trades that so many other traders push.

They seem exciting and a fast way to make money. In truth they are risky and almost impossible to manage.

I focus on control, risk management and smart portfolio development. We take smarter trades that limit risks and produce more consistent results.
Do we do big sales pitches?


We will not push you to get a membership to OptionsEDU. Any open session that we have you will get membership information at the beginning and the end. Outside of that we are trading or teaching.

Then why are we doing this?

OptionEDU's best members  are the people who fell in love with what we are doing.

By opening up these sessions we find the traders who will get the most out of our service.

I don't expect it to fit everyone. Join us and find out if it is right for you. 
What trades will you be doing?  

Earnings Announcements introduce large changes in volatility to options. This session will look at using Calendar trades both before and over the earnings announcement.

​​​​​​​If time is available we may also look at some alternative trading strategies around earnings.
and finally.... 
Yes, every session is recorded and available to view at your convenience.
All trades and updates go out to the members as rapid text message and email alerts.
Full reports with trade details are posted shortly after the trades are placed.